Ahlea the Imaginative


“This pizza tastes so real, where did you get it?” asks Ahlea.

“Hmm? Real?” asks James, the imagination.

“I just can’t believe I haven’t imagined pizza before.” says Ahlea.

“Babe you’re really confusing me. Like really confusing me. I just want you to like the pizza.” says James, the imagination.

“Ew relax, don’t be so controlling.” says Ahlea.

“I’m not, I just really need and want you to like this pizza. Can you just like it?” asks James.

“Oh yeah, I did imagine that you wanted to get me pizza I’d love, so this makes sense.” says Ahlea.

“What?” asks James.

“You’re my imagination James. I created you. You are not real.” says Ahlea.

“Did they put something in the pizza?” asks James.

“Look, whatever I imagine, comes to life. It becomes my reality. But I don’t remember exactly when I started using my powers, so I don’t know what part of my reality is imagined.” says Ahlea.

“Aha, okay. You do know we’ve only been dating for like a few months? Maybe not the best time to be crazy?” says James.

Ahlea closes her eyes and James’ feet ignite into golden flames, yet he does not yell out in pain.

“Um what’s happening to my feet?! Am I dreaming?” yells James.

“Just, relax please. I imagined you for a specific reason, to help me.” says Ahlea.

“Help you? How?” asks James.

“Like I said, anything I imagine gets added to my reality, it becomes real. But I’ve had this power since I was young and I don’t know what parts of my reality are real.” says Ahlea.

“Um. Okay. I know I must be dreaming but I’ll play along. Why don’t you just imagine, that all your imaginations are gone?” asks James.

“You’re not playing along, I imagined you and that you would help me figure this out.” says Ahlea.

She smiles and gets up to sit on James’ lap.

“And I kind of tried that, but the problem is that I don’t know what isn’t an imagination and I’m afraid that if I imagine away too much, I might end up in a sort of blank reality with no imaginations.” says Ahlea.

“That, is really confusing.” says James.

“Ugh. What I’m saying is, if I imagine a reality where I have none of my imaginations in it, I might lose my powers, I think. And how can I imagine away imaginations that I don’t even know are imaginations!” says Ahlea.

“So…you want to keep at least some of your imaginations, and that’s what makes it difficult?” asks James.

“Yes.” says Ahlea.

“So maybe we need to experiment with your imaginations, so we can find what you like and don’t like?” says James, as he places his hand on Ahlea’s inner leg.

“I was thinking the same thing.” says Ahlea.