Why Kids are Becoming Less Creative & Why That’s a Problem

When I was growing up it was a choice between playing with Legos inside or sticks and dirt outside. I loved both.

What was great about my childhood, and likely yours as well if you’re above the age of say, 25, was that our entertainment didn’t do all the work for us. We had to entertain ourselves. Because if you didn’t, you got bored.

And no one likes being bored.

Now all I see are parents handing their kids cell phones when they get bored.

I see kids that literally cannot sit still unless they have a tablet in their hands.

They don’t know how to be bored and work their way out of it.

I think this is a huge problem because the solution to boredom is creativity, which is an incredibly valuable asset in life.

I’m worried about our non creative children and what impact that is going to have on them and society.

Were you ever allowed to get bored as a child?