The End of Race

Short story about the future nations of the world deciding that all humans should have the same color skin through genetic engineering for the purpose of ending racial inequality.


“Can you believe this fucking shit? My father would have brought a bomb if he were here.” says the driver of an all electric Chevrolet pick up truck.

“Yeah, it could be defined as crazy.” says a passenger in the truck.

“Fucking Government. Only fucking Government. And I bet all their children will be exempt. And won’t be what ever fucking color they are going to decide on today.” says the driver.

“Yes. Yes, you had mentioned that to me before. So have you reviewed everything you’d like to say? Are you sure it’s worth risking your job?” says the passenger.

“Of course it isn’t worth it. But I’ll hate myself if I don’t. What they want to do is worse than war.” says the driver.

“Worse than war? But they aren’t going to kill anyone, right?” asks the passenger.

The driver raises an eyebrow and looks at his passenger before focusing back on the road. The electric pick up truck is silently but briskly heading up a winding mountain road.

“Why are we driving here right now? Shouldn’t you be getting ready?” asks the passenger.

“Because driving soothes me. I don’t think you could understand.” says the driver.


“Racial conflict has plagued humanity for centuries. We are a tribal species. A competitive tribal species. Conflict indeed seems baked into our very essence. But now we have a chance to fix this problem once and for all.” says a tan skinned, suited man.

He stands in front of a podium and large audience in a United Nations auditorium, built 10 years earlier in 2052. Every currently established nation is in attendance, for what will surely be one of the most historical events humanity has ever experienced.

“We all know why we are here, but it bears repeating for the record. This meeting will be studied for the rest of our specie’s existence. I hope we make the right choice.” says the tan skinned man as he adjusts his notes.

“Thanks to advancements in technology, we now have the ability to modify nearly every trait of an unborn child, entirely to our liking. This includes skin color.

After years of debate, based largely on the Great Race War a mere decade ago, the United Nations of the world have agreed to pass and enforce a new worldwide Skin Unity Birth Law. All children born after the passing of this law legally must have their genes altered so they are born with the skin color we will be deciding on today and this week at this grand meeting.

There will be no exceptions to this law. Failure to follow it, will result in imprisonment of the child and parents, with the punishment unfortunately being life imprisonment. Any child or person born before this law has passed, are of course, exempt.

As moderator of this debate, I have decided that it will follow an open format. Each country shall receive a minimum amount of speaking time with the rest of the time being offered in pre-set blocks chosen at random.

The goal of this discussion is as stated before, to quite literally choose the new skin tone for the human race. Additionally, the discussion is open to any and all last minute concerns based on ethics and morals, or general issues the party may have foreseen.

As the largest funder and proponent of this law, the United States will go first. The aforementioned party may now send their first representative to speak and we shall begin our discussion. Please remember to obey my commands at all times as I to the best of my ability, attempt to moderate this discussion. Thank you.” says the tan skinned man.


“So how are we going to get in there?” asks the passenger of the electric Chevrolet pick up.

“What? We already are?” says the driver.

“Oh. You know I can’t see out of here and I’m supposed to play along.” says the passenger.

“Yeah but I had tried to explain that to you. Oh well, you things are prototypes basically.” says the driver.

The driver reaches his hands up and suddenly the world around the truck turns black and vanishes. The car itself then disappears into the dark around the driver and passenger. The passenger looks at the driver to speak, “Signing off sir, see you soon.”

The driver removes a virtual reality headset from his head that he folds flat in his hands and puts it into his briefcase. He is standing in a bathroom right outside the auditorium. He walks over to the sink and splashes cold water on his face before exiting.

The driver of the electric truck enters the auditorium and feels the gaze of hundreds of people fall upon him as he walks to his nation’s seating area. He sits down at his seat at the table and pulls the microphone in front of him as close to him as he can.

“Glad you could finally join us. The floor is yours.” says the tan skinned moderator from the podium.

The driver is indeed the first representative that will speak for the United States, Mr. James Heller. He gathers and places some notes on the table and takes a deep breath and his prepares to speak.

“Ladies and gentleman of the world, here today to decide on this monumental decision, I am James Heller representing the United States of America.” says James as he pauses and stares at his notes for a second.

“We the United States, open this discussion with our proposal that the Skin Unity Birth Law shall enforce a uniform skin tone for humanity being that of the color blue. We took great care in making our decision and think it will be a great color for our race. We conducted many focus group tests to find a shade that would be most widely accepted and could eventually be normalized.

We reinforce our position that this is for the good of mankind as we eventually expand into the stars. We will see great benefit from all peoples feeling united as one race. We believe humanity will experience great economic achievement as racial barriers are taken down and all begin to look at one another as true equals.” says James.

He then leans back in his chair to signal that he is done speaking.

“The United States of America has proposed blue for our new skin tone. They have also praised this new initiative for it’s potential to create great economic growth that will benefit all.” says the tan skinned moderator at the podium.

Many people in the auditorium have begun speaking among themselves, slowly increasing the sound level in the giant room. Bloggers and the press’ video cameras are trained on James, undoubtedly working feverishly to get out articles about the United State’s choice of blue. Whatever color the USA decided to choose is widely regarded as what will be the final choice.

“Okay, next on my list to speak is the New South Africa States. The floor is yours.” says the moderator.

“We the people of the New South Africa States respectfully disagree with the United States on their choice. Humanity saw the birth of it’s evolution in Africa. The original man was a black man. God intended us to be this way, which is why Jesus himself was indeed a black man.

We propose that the Skin Unity Birth Law enforce dark brown skin, like our original ancestors. We reject the notion that the color must be one that no human is currently born with. This is a farce that would have us destroy the very natural beauty that God through nature has given us.

The black man is no doubt the ultimate loser in all of the race wars and atrocities that humanity has given us. We have been denied reparations and due justice for centuries. Making the new skin tone of humanity black would finally show us all that those who would hold us down mean to repent for their sins.

My voice is supported by the New North Africa States as well. Together, we are a unified Africa and have enough votes to cancel out the votes of every other nation, so we move to call a final vote now on this law as our position cannot and will not change.

We are united finally, and refuse to wait any longer to finally feel justice.” says a suited representative from the New South Africa States’ table.

The NSAS were formed along with the NNAS (New North Africa States) after the Great Race War a decade before this meeting. Although two different states that each control the Northern and Southern halves of the entire continent of Africa, their interests have proven to nearly always be aligned.

Silence covers the room. The States of Africa, as some refer to them, indeed hold a majority vote when added up together. They have also expressively violated the unwritten rule to choose a new skin tone for humanity that does not occur naturally, to avoid any remnants of racism going forward.

But the rule was just that, unwritten, and each country has already signed a binding contract to abide by the results of the vote to occur at this meeting.

No one really knows what to do, but James now sees an opening to stop this madness of having a Skin Unity Birth Law. But it will require a compelling set of arguments that must convince the remaining nations to break their contract and refuse to enforce the Skin Unity Birth Law. It will require everyone to unite against a united Africa, potentially starting another Race War.

James leans forward to speak into the microphone in front of him.